The End

I never set out to write a series.


Like most everything that’s unfolded during my writing career, it just kind of happened. I wrote a novella that was supposed to only be a short story, but when I got to the end I realized there was more to tell even after wrapping up the single story arc.

Two more novellas later, the trilogy is done. Book 2: Wish for survival is slated to be released with Book 3: Perfect Chaos, so the full print volume can come out with the entirety of these three tales.

I’m not a huge fan of reading series. I originally didn’t like the idea of writing one. I prefer clean cut stories. I want to delve into a beginning that leads to the middle and a concise ending. Or at least that’s how I felt before writing The Embracing Entropy trilogy.

With this series, I have seen life through three different sets of eyes. I’ve cried in different ways. Laughed with the side characters who sneak in unexpectedly. (Side characters are my favorite, especially the unplanned ones)

By the Stars Cover final

My growth as a writer has expanded as the universe I worked to create came into existence and flourished. The transitions my characters have had to make shadow a lot of the changes I’ve experienced along the way. Fiction, especially speculative fiction, is the greatest most truthful lie anyone will ever read. It’s all made up, but there are worlds of real life struggles sitting in the meaning behind each line.

Even before finding true appreciation in the value of writing and reading different book series, I did find comfort in some. Most of us love Harry Potter. I’m also a huge fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ writing. The Books of Barsoom are amazing and I have the entire Tarzan collection sitting next to me right now.


These tales are universal. Epic. You want to read more. A good series makes it hard to say good-bye.

Having to wrap up The Embracing Entropy Series has been nearly as painful as the bittersweet feelings that come with ending a relationship. I know it’s over, but I’ve put so much energy into this work that it will always be a part of me. Yes I can read it again and again, but it will never be the same as the first strokes of my pen coating numerous pages with something undetermined.

The story is already told now.

The beginning for readers is long past the end for a writer. I still have edits to finish, formatting to go over with my publisher (European Geeks), and all the technical work that must be done, but my characters are where they need to be. Their story has played out and finished. That’s what really matters to me.

I never like leaving my characters hanging in the balance for long. Maybe that’s why I finish my pieces so diligently. It’s just courteous. haha Writers have to wait…and wait…and WAIT for responses from agents, editors, publishers, readers; it’s hell. Our literary lives are constantly in peril, or at least it feels that way some times. But we can give our characters the action, the momentum they crave, at a pace that’s more preferable. (Patience is key, doesn’t mean it’s not difficult)

Knowing that I have delivered the ending I feared I wouldn’t be able to face will lend me the ability to wait things out.

the end

I don’t know if people will love this series. By the Stars (Book 1) has been pretty well received. I have hopes like everyone else, but I got it all out.

Getting to the end is a feat a lot of writers never reach. That’s the difference between a writer and an author. Once you have a finished manuscript, the possibilities are endless. The end is quite literally the beginning for writers.

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