Last night was all about P

I love New Years!

How most people feel about Christmas is how I feel about New Years. It’s a holiday for everyone that can and should be about enjoying life.


Moving forward is all I strive to do.

Looking back is all right in moderation but I have so much I want to do in the coming year that all I can think is: “Live live live!”

auntie mame

Thanks Patrick Dennis for writing the Auntie Mame books that embody how I feel. Someday I’m gonna be the crazy old lady still running around on my little adventures. But until then I get to enjoy the beauty of being young enough to still really go out and get em, while being old enough to be taken seriously. (Loving my 30s!)

Since I had my 1st daughter we have spent every New Years having our own little celebration, properly  titled: Popcorn, Princesses, and Puzzles! That’s right we eat popcorn, watch princess movies, and do puzzels. (we renamed it Pizza, Popcorn, Princesses, PowerPuffs, and Puzzels last night just to go even crazier!) I thought I had fun partying in my 20s, and I did. But I’ve enjoyed myself way more in the past 5 years just being a giant kid with my little ladies.

New Years 2013(This is from a couple of years ago, but you get it)

And being me, everything is about numbers or letters.

I don’t know why I’m such a nerd for patterns and the significance of written symbols. Just born that way I guess. It definitely wasn’t instilled in me by anyone in particular.

When I was a little bitty, the first symbol I latched onto was the letter e. It was the first letter I really learned to write and I would fill pages with it. I called them my Pee Wee kids. haha I remember the fun of making little armies of Es.

Hell I have the letter tattooed on my wrist, because it is my favorite letter. You add an e to any word and everything changes. E is the shit disturber of the English language and I love it!


But my 2nd favorite letter is the letter P. I have no reasoning for this. Maybe it’s the pop the sound makes. Or the purity of the way your lips come together to pronounce it. I promise I won’t inundate you with a list of every letter from my least to favorite heehee (And no I don’t plan on having P tattooed on my body)

Getting to share my insanity with my kids is one of the greatest joys of being a parent. haha They understand my strange obsession with certain letters and numbers and seem to play along. Last night the letter P was perfectly present. And I played with puns, parodies, Pinot Noir, and pacing myself. See a pattern here. (It’s like a bad Sesame Street clip sometimes but it’s all in perfect play)letter P

So whatever your favorite letters, numbers, or meaningful symbols are, I hope you enjoyed them last night, as I hope you will find more to delight in while also relishing the ones that have always mattered. (There, I did my New Years post without getting too New Yearsy…hopefully. teehee)

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