Gearing up for the Next Release

We’re just 9 days away from my next book release. I know…some of you are probably like, “Wait didn’t she just have one?”

I did. But as they say, “You’re only as good as your next book.” And I have lots of books in me, but this is the BIG ONE. I have spent time innumerable working on this series and having the full print volume come out for readers to flip through is a dream come true.

Embracing Entropy

Don’t worry kindle readers, the individual books will still be released for kindle and nook. Book 1,Β By the Stars, is currently available.

Featured Image -- 625

And book 2,Β Wish for Survival,Β is now ready for pre-order.

Wish for Survival Cover

Book 3 will join it soon.

PC Cover

This is all coming together for me during The Ides of March and I couldn’t be more happy to have shared so much with all of you. I received so many messages and comments from readers praising my work last week that I am hopeful that the rest of this story will exceed expectations.

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