Indie Fight

Indie authors have to work their asses off if they want to be successful. Depending on what Indie publisher, small press, or self-publishing services they choose to go with, there is still a lot more work involved than a great deal of people seem to know.


Indie authors do a lot of the book promotions once the final copy is ready to go. They often times end up doing all of it. Indies must book their own events, keep up with the numerous social media sites, and somehow still have time to read other author’s works to keep up with the scene.

Then there are industry issues, like amazon removing good reviews because the reader lives in the same city as the author. Indie authors rely on every single reader, reviews are essential. In a business where it’s hard enough to make your make and stand out, (let’s face it-everyone’s a writer at this point) indie authors have to have a lotta fight in their system to keep going.

blade fight

This is all part of the deal. Authors have to embrace the insanity of seemingly futile efforts and somehow keep trying. Fighting to get published, reach readers, and truly be heard is part of being an author.

Anyone can be a writer. Sit down and write: BOOM! You’re now a writer. But authors actually get their work published. Even those that self-publish have to go about formatting and getting everything out there.


The market is open to everyone now. Literacy rates are the highest they’ve ever been in history. Audiences are waiting to read great new stories. Unfortunately the market is also flooded and everyone is a critique. Battling through the challenges, and celebrating the benchmarks and achievements help to balance indie authors out. Not everyone will reach their goals, but the ones that do didn’t get there without a fight.

Keep training. Keep working those writing muscles. Practice discipline, and never give in.

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