Head Shot Shenanigans

They’re here!

After a much anticipated photo shoot with Wandering Eye Photography I was able to hold still long enough to not make too many crazy faces.

silly face

I said not too many! That doesn’t mean they didn’t happen.

crazy face

These are actually pretty toned down for me. (I am a living cartoon character, you know-my face is made of putty-I have a born Lucille Ball feature smushing super power)

tree eating

That’s more like me.

No I was not trying to eat that tree. I am too much of an environmentalist for that.

Despite my lack of photogenic skills, there were some shots that will probably be less likely to scare readers away. haha

tattoo pic

This was a fun one (Love that it shows off my wrist tats

New headshot

But here’s the gem. The back of the book hopeful that shows the more writerly side of me. Eww, enough of this. Too much time looking at my own face. I’m not very big on images of myself, so I’ll leave you with one that is probably how I look most of the time:

laughing me

Never stop laughing. There’s no point to life if you can’t laugh at yourself.

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