On Fatherhood


Today marks my 6th Fathers Day. It doesn’t seem that long. In the grand scheme of things it really isn’t. Less than 1/6 of my life has involved fatherhood.

The question I hate most about being a dad is; “How do you handle the sacrifice?”

I hate it because my answer is always; “What sacrifice?”

Sacrifice implies choice. If a certain decision clearly benefits my children more than another than that is the only option.

I haven’t given up anything that I wasn’t willing to part with anyways. The question these people are asking in actuality is what do I value more than my girls.

That answer is nothing.

My advice to new fathers is always the same. And I always preface it with; “The following are only pieces of advice you will ever need”. Of course they roll their eyes cause they get this all the time.

But everyone…

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