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The publishing industry has become a whirlwind of writers, authors, and people who think they can get rich quick off of selling words. If you truly love crafting stories and shaping words it can be frustrating.


Should you self publish?

Should you submit to the indie market?

How will you promote yourself?

Who will want to read your work?

Should you get an agent?

How can you reach the broadest audience?

These questions are not even a tenth of the things that we have to consider And if you do find a publisher and have your works released, how do you handle contracts, and sales?

too much

Some writers have done it all.

My favorite author, Richard Smyth seems to have. He writes fiction and non-fiction, does nature writing, makes up crosswords, and somehow hit hard lit on the head perfectly with his 1st novel Wild Ink.

Wild Ink

For his 2nd novel he is taking a more hands on approach. Readers can prepay for an ebook, print copy, or other services in order to fund his latest project. What a great idea!

Not only are there options for signed copies and the added benefit of getting an acknowledgement in the book itself, but he is also offering up a gift set of his previously published history books, book group appearances, and best of all services for other authors.

This guy knows his shit.

Pledging to receive a writing critique or mentoring is also available and a HUGE bargain!


Time to pull out those cards and send the man some support through funding.

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