Fearless Friday with Tina Marie – Golden Pointers to Be Your Best Self

Well said

Success in Spry


How awesome, you are finally here!

Today will be incredible because I will share a few secrets on how to extinguish self doubt.

Have you ever experienced self doubt at some point in your life?

If yes, this post will highlight 3 key concepts I use, and you can use them as well to empower your inner self and demolish that doubt!

I learned these ideas in Abolish Your Inner Saboteur which was my first personal development event. I want to thank Tina Marie for helping me gain momentum and introducing me to the superb ideas below:

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Often times we lie to ourselves about who we are or what we are capable of.

We create these stories and reinforce them on a subconscious and then a conscious level.

An example of 2 limiting stories I have told myself in the past are:

I cannot possibly…

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