Happy Turkey Eve

I hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving in the US tomorrow, and that it’s a good day for everyone everywhere.

Sometimes people seem confused that I’m not a vegetarian. If you know of my love of animals, the Earth and our connection to everything, you may wonder as well. The truth is I was back in my veterinary assisting days. But over time I have learned what’s right for me and my body.

My dad owns his own farm (no I was not raised on it) and that and my combined experiences working for a zoologist actually made me realize that many of the animal rights issues in the food industry stem from factory farms and mismanagement.

Independent family owned farms often care for the animals they raise whether they will be killed for food or not. Free-Range and organic options help encourage humane practices. As an avid Missouri Conservationist I also applaud hunters who help control populations and at least allow the animals they eat to live wild and free before their end.

Everything we put into our bodies matters. Most of us can agree on that. How food is obtained and shared matters too. I love growing my own vegetable and fruits. My dad names his cows and chickens and loves all of them.

This example makes me thankful to have the opportunity to sit down with my family and eat a healthy meal.

So that’s my take.

What’s your favorite home grown or home raised food to eat on Thanksgiving?

4 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Eve

  1. Sean P Carlin says:

    I recently learned the term “flexitarian,” and that’s what best describes me, I’d say: I’ll take the meatless alternative when it’s available (something I’ve been doing more and more), but I’m not willing to commit to full vegetarianism. It’s really just about practicing mindful consumption. Happy Thanksgiving, Jessica!

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