A HUGE Review



Everything in life is about hitting certain markers. My 6 month old son is finding new milestones to explore everyday. The poor kid already has 5 teeth and another ready to break free. But despite a little pain, he’s enjoying the ability to eat more than a lot of little ones his age.

Today I feel like an author who’s cutting her teeth on new milestones every day.


How you imagine dreams coming to life is never what they reveal themselves to be in reality.

I prefer adventure. Exploration. Getting out to see what the world has to offer.

Writing is the aftermath. Writing is what happens once you’ve lived a little bit. You have to keep going out and experiencing new things to keep the material fresh.


But once you sit down ready to divulge everything you lived through, whether in a piece of non-fiction or via some metaphorical tale, the writing offers a different series of events and adventures.

My new story, Scent of Flesh, is the first of my writing to break into a #1 selling book. It is also my first historical fiction piece. I’m quite partial to it because of my love for the real life characters it follows, but an author never knows if a story will stick. You can never be sure if you translated your thoughts, your world properly. That’s where reviews come in.

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Cemetery Dance is a HUGE name in the Horror writing community. I knew they might review the Fantastic Tales of Terror anthology my story is in, but I never imagined their reviewer would give my specific piece a nod. This is exactly what happened.

I love the work, but hearing that they enjoyed it is a new milestone. I’ve received rave reviews for children’s books, and a specific non-fiction piece that was picked up by Chicken Soup for the Soul. I write in too many genres and that sometimes makes it difficult for agents to trust in representing me, but I just love stories: true, fictitious, fiction born from truth, I love it all.


I always wish for that love to come through my work. This new milestone just multiplies it.

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