I love good business. You learn who to work with and who not to after you’ve published enough pieces of writing. I’ve experienced some of the worst indie publishing and the best of the Big 5. Ryan Lanz and his people over at A Writer’s Path know what’s up.

Not only can you get loads of writing and publishing advice from their blog, new clients can now get a 10% discount AND they’re expanding their areas of interest.

All you have to do is use this code: JB7P46

Here are all the awesome services available (yes, they do free samples and services upon request):

Book Coaching: A lot of us get stuck or just don’t know what to do with a certain story. This Service will offer aid with

Character development

Plot/story arc



Clarity of descriptions

Tone and style of writing

Genre-specific reader expectations

Redundant, contrived, or awkward passages

Writing strengths and “challenge areas”


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Book Cover Design: Everyone judges a book by its cover, “anyone who says they don’t is either lying or selling something”. In order to compete in a flooded market, a book has to have a professional cover that grabs attention. Thankfully there’s a service for this


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Fantasy Cartography: I’ll be snatching up this service soon, myself. Maps are a special touch for all fantasy stories. But not every writer is an artist (or geologist). If you’ve struggled to create a map for your world, take advantage of this. Don’t skimp.


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Proofreading: Line by line grammar and spelling is cleaned up and perfected with this service.


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Copy Editing: This is the BIG one. Every author needs a good copy editor. This addresses all the real issues like…

Misspelled words

Punctuation errors

Capitalization errors

Incorrect grammar

Quotation mark errors

Sentence structure

Word organization

Tense errors


Sentence flow


affiliate 1.jpg

Manuscript Evaluation: A birds eye view of the book is sometimes all you need. The end game on this service is a 3-5 page report that addresses issues such as…

Character development


Story arc



Tone and style of writing




Mediocre writing doesn’t cut it. Good writing is better but to stand out you have to be exceptional. Don’t skimp on the important stuff.

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