A Hippy Hoppy Fun Time (Book Review)

Book events mean a lot to authors AND readers. Most of the ones I’ve been to have all followed a similar schedule. There’s a talk and and signing, sometimes the are crafts for children’s books. It’s not super glamorous, but books have a deeper meaning.

Last night I was able to attend a local event that puts the others to shame. (Including mine haha)


My 5 year old was dying for some one-on-one time so when I found out about Peggy Archer’s new book event we signed up right away. I had the pleasure of sharing a table with her a couple of years ago at local author library event and she is the sweetest lady. Her books are fun and entertaining.


I knew that her new release: A Hippy Hoppy Toad would be a good read. Not only is it a good read, but the event was unique and offered my kind of energy. Archer teamed up with the St. Charles County Library to hold an outdoor nature walk reading where the pages of  her new book were set up at different posts around a walking trail situated right beside a cute little pond.


My youngest is a lot like me. She’s imaginative and silly. Her high-powered nature makes it difficult for her to sit still. Outdoor time is vital to both of us and we enjoyed bopping along, picking up sticks, sighting turtles, ducks, and fish as we journeyed with other families and listened to the story at each stop.


Mixing a love of nature, expelling energy, and reading all at once made us both giddy. We of course nabbed a copy of the story and had it signed by the author. There were crafts, giveaways, and a friendly toad who graciously allowed my little one to pet him.


Events like this make a story come alive in ways that readers don’t often imagine. It gave us a deeper connection to the writing and my daughter loves reading it.


5 thoughts on “A Hippy Hoppy Fun Time (Book Review)

  1. Wanda Luthman says:

    This sounds like a wonderful event! And definitely puts mine to shame. How wonderfully creative and a great idea to get everyone outdoors and enjoying nature and reading! Thanks for sharing!

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