Fantastic Tales of Terror (Cover Reveal)

You can narrow the genres for a genre hopper, but they’re still gonna…

You get the point. haha

My children’s and non-fiction have always been the heart of my writing, but horror and fantasy will always spark something different. When I was asked to submit to the Fantastic Tales of Terror anthology, all that was asked of me was to come up with some kind of dark fantasy/horror story involving a famous person in history. I had a list of ideas right away.

The coolest included: Annie Oakley Wendigo Hunter.

It was accepted right away and I set to work. I’ve never done more research in my life. First, to be true to Annie, I needed to get all the facts of her life squared. Instead of deviating from that timeline, I did my best to follow it. Adding in the fictitious bits fit almost too perfectly.

My story line melded with her life and the people in it so well that it’s been noted to have a cinematic quality. If you look on the cover, the Glowey Eyed Spiny Horn Monster thingy is one of the Wendigo and you can read about it this summer when the anthology is released!

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