Binge Writing

We’ve all heard of closet eaters and binge drinkers, hell a lot of writers dabble in those fields as well. My word addiction used to lead me to write and write for hours while my kids slept. I’d have to ice my hand and rest my fingers on a pillow.


When you pop online to take a break and see posts about word counts, and statuses compiling a total number of words written per year it can get real rough. Writing is the most non-competitive competition out there. All authors want to be the best, but we generally don’t have a problem rooting on our fellow writers.

I used to feel this sense of urgency rushing me to get out as many stories or chapters as I could to keep up with the influx of books being processed each year. That’s how it starts. You break out, get your first book deal and fear for your career.

I’d get writer’s brain and feel like a balloon floating around the room when interacting with people outside of my imagination.


We all have different processes, but as you get seasoned into the publishing game, it becomes more important to improve upon your skills. I find myself taking longer to craft stories, working to perfect the way I shape them so the quality is better.

Instead of sitting down to pump out 5k or 10k words a session, and each session popping up at random intervals, I have paced myself to about 1k per day. It’s not everyday. That whole write everyday thing seems more like an inspirational goal to keep people going. I do write about 5 days a week though.

The habit of binge writing seems to have dissipated with the necessity to carefully plot my career choices. I fell into the writing world. I always told stories and had my performing days, but publishing and author-hood was never my aim. It was an unforeseen destiny.


Now that I have embraced this life, I have thrown myself into it headlong. I tech write for a living, weigh my options and spend more time than I would like deciding where I wish to submit my works.

There was a time when I would binge write, binge edit, and ugh, binge submit. Rookie mistakes help pave the way for better choices in the future. I am a shining example of what not to do, but the silver lining in that glimmer of hypocrisy is that I came out on the other end of everything with a lot of experience, prospects, and a little bit of a name started for myself. I can’t say I would have changed much, if anything.

As always, I have some projects near ready to be served and they will need to cool before I can place them on the reading table, but right now the deals are cooking and things are getting hot.

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