Here We Go Again

There is so much more to being an author than writing. This month has been filled with contracts, acceptances, REJECTIONS (always rejections), typing, editing, promoting, and more. It gets insane at times. There will be weeks where nothing happens and then you wake up and everyone’s everywhere.


It’s jarring at times, but I love extremes. I prefer freezing cold, snowy weather, or smoldering hot melty swim time. Play the music loud or soft. Writing is the epitome of extremes. There are days where you wish to lock yourself away and become the crusty old recluse cliche, but after a while you miss people and year to go out and feed off of all the energy we can give each other.

I’ve been promoting my recent project, which has been kinda hellish since I’ve decided to go back and delve into my past. But it’s also been exceptionally rewarding. I had my first short press call-nothing big-teeny tiny…


But it helps. Yesterday I attempted to act serious (and failed) and get some new head-shots done. Damn hair just keeps growing and I’m not in the mood to hack it off yet. The outtakes are hilarious. those are my fav. I can’t wait to share some. haha

Head-shots or none, handling everything starts to get real muddling when shit picks up. You have to manage yourself and your time in this industry. It’s essential.


The fun image of the writer living in their bathrobe and slacking all day is such a farce. Maybe it’s the end game. We’re all working to achieve the unattainable goal of doing nothing and receiving praise for turning something out despite the ailment of the laze. haha

I don’t sit still well. Never could. Who knows where I’ll end up as my career progresses. But tomorrow, I get to go and “educate” some bright young high schoolers about writing. I never feel qualified to do half the shit I do. When people come to me for advice I often tell them, “I have no idea what I’m doing” and then regale them on my methods. (Which are impossible to imitate because they change so damn much)


No matter what I do, or how much room for improvement remains before me, there is nothing I love more than getting out to talk to readers and/or writers. You guys are my people. Well, all people are my people, but you know what I mean.

This is probably the biggest venue I’ve spoken for. Nothing compared to the old singing days, but still significant. Singing and playing music is intimate, but not nearly as much as when you get up to just talk. Reading your work in front of others is about as naked as the soul gets.

I’ve prepared some lose material. I plan to keep things open in case we get sidetracked. Thankfully I’m sharing the stage with a fellow author. That usually helps.

Everything you do to connect with others in this industry will aid you. Never close yourself off. Especially from younger people. Experience is important, but new ideas also balance you out.


Here’s looking to tomorrow with love and a little dread. haha

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