“That Day” Thinkies

It’s easy to doubt yourself in today’s society.


So, to offer some insight into the fact the ALL writers and ALL authors have their moments (no matter what kind of successes they do or don’t meet), here’s a look into the various things that popped into my head on book release day this week.

“I hope we hit #1”

“I need more 80s Whitney Houston in my life”

“Oh no, if the book does sell well, then everyone will read it and if everyone reads it, they’ll know a LOT about me.”

“I wonder what it would be like to have flying shoes”

“Can’t forget the twitter release party”

“Crap, what’s that hashtag again?”

“I wish I were a dragon. A rainbow glitter dragon.”

“Why don’t people read as much non-fiction as they do fiction?”

“Nothing I write will ever matter.”

“Oooo, cookies!”

“Does promoting reading anything over selective reading contribute to people’s obsession with escapism?”

“Tea is my best friend.”

“I would die if I weren’t ambidextrous.”

“We’re going up in rankings!”

“I love people.”

“What if this is where I peak and I never find any further successes?”

“I wonder how my favorite author’s new book is doing. Gotta hurry up and finish what I’m reading so I can dive into that.”

“I love birds.”

“There’s nothing like playing outside.”

“Why should the written word matter to anyone? Eventually it too will just decompose and become dirt for the worms.”

“Stories, I love stories.”

“I hope my dad doesn’t read this.”

“I hope he does.”

“Should I keep publishing?”

“Is non-fiction more important to the betterment of man, being that it directly involves tangible issues?”

“I love fantasy.”

“This day needs sprinkles.”

That’s a tiny few I don’t mind sharing. Add in tech writer related issues, editing woes, and a whole lot of momminess and you might crack my head open. It’s always fun, but we all have our moments.

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