I Wanna SEE You

There are a bajillion memes about introverts. There seem to be even more about introverted writers. It makes sense. Most of us need to start a story alone. But good writing is never finished or read alone.

Editors, Beta Readers, colleagues, and readers turn writers into authors.

Shocker: I am not an introvert (though I could play one on TV if I had to).

But I love getting out and mingling with book lovers wordaholics, page addicts, and every subset of bookish freak out there. Being a bookish freak myself, I always feel at home around people who appreciate the written word.

Listening is part of why I do what I do. Your stories are important to me. Your feelings and reactions to my work and the work of others helps me to revel in the human connection to get my own ideas and continue through this odd career of somehow being lucky enough to get paid to write.

The first stop on the 2017 book tour is at my favorite bookstore in my city. If you’re near the St. Louis area on May 24th, pop in and say hi.

Sub Books Promo

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