A Sweet, Wild Note (Book Review)

“I think perhaps the singing is the happiness, and the happiness is the singing.”-Richard Smyth

I read a wide variety of books, and love numerous authors. Richard Smyth happens to be my favorite. When I read his first novel it did not occur to me that he was also a nature writer. It may not have occurred to him that his fiction fans would also be nature nuts, but in “A Sweet, Wild Note,” he brings his usual mix of wit and intelligence to pay homage to a class of animals that are very dear to many hearts.

I am not a bird watcher, but I did work as a bird specialist years ago. This book digests the hows and whys of wild birdsong (along with it’s place in our world), with many great resources and original conclusions. Smyth references my favorite fairy tale, “The Nightingale,” along with a plethora of great works that help to put the nature of birdsong in perspective while being entertaining and reminding us of our role in preserving our avian neighbors.

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