Bad & Sly

I’ve been sitting on this story for a while trying to find the right fit and finally agreed to release it as a single short with Alban Lake Publishing. I’ve worked with them before and like how they do business.

As an author I want every story to do well, but this one…

It’s different

It’s not just a part of me, it’s etched in my bones somehow.

Maybe I love it too much, but it’s only .50 cents and ready for the reading as a single short. Like a song release but with more words heehee

Here’s the gist: It’s a fairy tale world, which might sound great unless you happen to be the villain. Bad is a wolf and everyone knows he earned his name. Down on his luck, sick, and tired of being treated like a monster he goes to the bar, the only medicine he knows he can get. There he’s approached by Sly, a fox with a plan to make some quick cash. It’s dicey, but a solid plan. Bad is hesitant. He already knows he’s on his last chance, and if he gets caught one more time, they’ll lock him up and throw away the key. Sly, while friendly, seems a bit off, certainly not trustworthy. Will Bad take the deal? Can they make out like Sly says? Or will it all end with those bleak walls closing in on him once more? Find out in Bad & Sly.


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