It is done!

The last book signing of the year is always filled with anticipation. I can’t wait to get there and do my thing, but my mind also starts plotting out next year’s excursions. Right now, the possibilities are endless (they always are in publishing).


I had fun and conversed with some people, the turnout this year wasn’t as much as it has been in the past at this particular event, but it was still fun.


I can’t escape stuffed animals, so now I’ve resorted to crocheting them too. AND if you’ll look below, I can sign books and hold a kid at the same time #MultiTalented. haha


Not without goofy faces of course, and this one isn’t mine. My little crazies were off enjoying the wonders of the library.


There is a plan to get The Golden Rule in paperback out soon, and quite a few irons in the fire. This time of year always seems a bit crazy for everyone, but I’m looking forward to it. Now that the tour’s wrapped up, I can get back to writing and adventuring around with the fam!

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