Humility or Honor

I always come back to this thought, this ideal. I do not separate the artist from the art. No matter how talented someone is, if they are a scumbag to others I have no interest in anything they create.


It’s a matter of integrity for me.


Tina Turner’s solo stuff spoke far more to me than anything she did with Ike because you can feel how happy she was to be free of his abuse. His legacy is forever tarnished in my eyes.


But I prefer the positive side; I like to praise the artists who always seem to do right.

John Legend

Nobody’s perfect. The singers or actors or writers with overinflated egos are the first to deflate under pressure. What comforts me when I see wrongdoing within artistic communities is the individuals who always give back. The artists who stay humble and remain rooted in being thankful for all they’ve been given.


Laugh all you want but celebrities like Taylor Swift, Serena Williams, Puff Daddy, Emma Watson, George Lucas, Alicia Keys, John Cena, Nora Roberts, Jerry Seinfield, Eli Manning, J.K. Rowling (the list goes on), these big names do more with their fam than just make money.


Every time there’s a new Hollywood scandal I feel that the attention brought to it had both positive and negative effects. Yes we need to address bigots and rapists, yes we need to shun molestation and disgusting acts against anyone, but sometimes it seems that by jumping into the media circus, we give the wrong people publicity. And we all know the saying: Any publicity is good publicity.


Hopefully those days are over. I doubt it. There will always be some asshole who looks for attention however they can get it.


Instead of allowing this cycle of garbage to continue, I find it much better for my own mental health to look to the people who lead by example.


I grew up in a “Do as I say not as I do” house hold. It never worked. I was always getting into trouble. It took me a long time to realize how important it is to surround yourself with not only good actions, but positive people.


I have a long way to climb in the writing world myself, but I feel that everyone who excels in their field, everyone who is lucky enough to reach the top should always feel a need to live up to their fans expectations. There is nothing more horrific to me than the thought of letting my readers down.


I have many faults. Many many many faults. I’ve had it rough in the past and did questionable things. But I am not ashamed of my actions or reactions because I have always tried to do my best to remind myself that someone else is looking to me.

look up.gif

Growing up I had a LOT of baby cousins. Being one of the older kids, I recognized that not only did the little ones look up to me, they emulated me. Everything I said or did in front of them mattered. That meant so much.


Now that I have children of my own and a diverse audience of readers, the pressure to make sure that what I do reflects how grateful I am has become more and more important. I’m sure I’ll say something that someone somewhere will take the wrong way. That’s already happened plenty of times, but my intentions will always remain honest and caring.


I’ve been called humble before, but I consider myself that good of a person, I consider it part of the honor to get to do what I do every day.



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