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At the beginning of this month I listed off 15 things I am thankful for in the realm of my writing. Since it’s Thanksgiving Week and I, like many people, have a short work week I wanted to list of 15 more things that I am thankful for. But this time, in my personal life.


For anyone who has to work over the holiday or the dreaded Black Friday craziness, I want to thank you right now for dealing with added stress during a season that is meant to be about family and togetherness. I myself find the stores that open on Thanksgiving night a bit repulsive.


I get it. Some people don’t have any other time to shop, but that’s what the internet and friends and family are for. If you find yourself getting frustrated in a store on Thanksgiving or Black Friday please remember that many of the people working those days are having to give up time with their families. Let’s tip a little more, smile a bit brighter, and remember to be patient with everyone.


Ewww, that was a total mom moment. Good practice for when my daughters can drive themselves to go shopping. Haha


But enough of that! I had cookies for lunch and I’m feeling festive so here are 15 more personal things I am thankful for, in no order or sane reasoning.

Treats & all:

Yes yes many of us sound like crazy food aholics but there is something about a yummy little pick me up that can make a day at work feel a bit more homey, or a tough day at home feel a bit more vacationey.



A snuggly blanket is always welcome. I don’t care how old I get I will always appreciate a blanket.


Furry Babies:

There have been many times in my life where I found more comfort from stray animals than anywhere else. Sometimes they become family members and move in, and sometimes they’re just passing through but I am always happy to make a new animal friend. And fur is not really required, feathers and scales are always welcome as well.


Silly Songs:

Whether making them up with my kids or finding someone’s crazy rendition of a well-known tune, I will never tire of laughing through ridiculous lyrics.


Reading time:

I would just say books, but when you have stacks of stories in your to-read pile, it’s those few moments when you can slow down and let someone else spark your mind that come in handy. Writers especially need more reading time. I myself often fit it in with exercise time and walk a well-known path while reading (but don’t try this at home unless you have good peripheral vision haha)


Decks too:

Even when I owned a house, standing on the porch drinking tea in the morning was one of the most enjoyable ways to really greet the day. Now that I’m renting (and hoping to find another house in the next year or so), being on the 3rd floor makes me feel more isolated from the outdoors. Sure I go hiking and camping and make a point to spend as much time outside as I can, but it is harder when you can’t just walk out your back door and frolic in the grass. Playing on the deck, planting new flowers, and talking to the squirrels and birds is still a joy for me even though I don’t have a backyard to roam anymore.


Girly Girls:

When I first came into motherhood I thought I wanted a boy. I had always been a tomboy who ran around wreaking havoc with the guys. Then I had my daughter and I figured maybe she’d be a tomboy too. Boy was I wrong. No matter what neutral colors and non-gendered toys I gave them, they preferred tutus, glitter, bright colors, and babies. My life is full of rainbows (which I love) and stickers. My girly girls sometimes play with balls or want to get messy, but they do it with such a feminine air that I get to see an entire side of childhood that I never took advantage of. I love it!

Anna & Lex

Crazy Men:

Well, one crazy man in particular. I have always had 2 types; sweet pasty nerdy guys and great big assholes. Lucky for me I found someone who is a perfect mix of the two and I mean that with all the love that exists in the world. Everyone needs someone who will challenge them and make them think when they’re getting out of hand. My new husband is not afraid to tell me when I’m wrong (no matter how right I think I am). He’s also not afraid to stand behind me and support me and my successes.


Fruits and Veggies:

I’m not going to go all PSA on everyone and talk about the importance of a healthy balanced diet, but as much fun as a little junk is sometimes eating the good stuff makes you happier and you feel better more often too.


Ideas Galore:

I get them all the time. Ideas pop into my head and I can write stories for days. At book signings people often ask me, “Where do you get your ideas from?” I honestly have no idea. Sometimes I think the ideas rather get me instead of me getting them. My brain just keeps playing and I run with it.




I know I’m a bit of a little old lady trapped in a 34 year old’s body, but honestly, how lucky are we to have pictures of our parents and grandparents? For most of human history people were lucky if they had a sketch of someone they loved; now we have pictures for days. We are so very lucky and we don’t even know it. Sometimes a rough day at work can be brightened just by a quick look through Shutterfly or when I glance at pictures of my kids on my desk.

Snow Days:


Maybe it’s because we’re getting closer to winter but the thought of snow days already has me giddy. Being fortunate enough to have a job that offers time off and gives me the ability to call in when we have the occasional snow storm or icing is something I am very grateful for. It’s always fun to have a random day off and get to play in the cold with the kiddos.

Long Lunch Breaks:

Most of the jobs I’ve had in the past barely offered a 30 min lunch break. When I worked at a vet clinic we just took the slower periods as a brief break. My current writing position is one which offers me a full 1 hour lunch break so I can run errands, go out to eat, sometimes sit and just write, or go walk and read at the park. Having been in the work force since I was 15, I don’t intend to take this for granted for a second.


Road Trips:

road trip.gif

Some people hate them, especially when you’re stuck in a car for hours with your family, but I love road trips. Whether driving alone or packed in the car with my husband and kiddos, I enjoy the conversations, annoying my eldest by singing too loud, and sometimes I even kind of enjoy it when the little one gets grumpy. (She is hilarious when she’s mad. I try not to laugh, I really do)

Being Me:

eclipse 2

There were years where I hated how I felt and/or looked. It took me a long time to grow into my own skin. My husband says I am a classic ugly duckling, but whatever I am I’m glad I’m here. Despite my rocky past, I don’t believe in regret and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love who I am now and where I’m at. I’m ready to take on whatever life has to throw at me and I hope that everyone who is down on themselves, or struggling with how others perceive them, I hope that you find your way – however you need to.

fist bump

So there it is 15 more things I am thankful for. 15 is my favorite number, for reasons of which I have no idea (I usually prefer even numbers), and with the past 15 things post that’s 1 for every day of this month. There are always more things to think of, there is always something to help find a smile. I hope everyone has a great week, a Happy Thanksgiving, or just an awesome day if you’re not looking too far ahead. haha

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