My Wandering Uterus

Non-fiction isn’t full of space ships and quests. It doesn’t allow you to escape the world, but rather examine and embrace it. Experience based non-fiction can really reach us. Sometimes it clobbers readers with harsh truths, other times it brings everyday humor to light. I always prefer the latter.


When people read about some of what I’ve been through, they are often left speechless. I myself feel that nothing is perfect and would rather laugh through everything.


Someone asked me, “How did you fit so much into such a few pages?” when they read my story, English Escape, in the Chicken Soup for the Soul collection: Inspiration for Teachers. I find it better not to dwell on the most difficult aspects of life. It’s more fun to celebrate the aftermath. Making it through and greeting the world with a smile will lead to far greater opportunities than bitterness. But that’s just my take.


It’s that perspective that seems to drive my personal stories. It’s also what seems to appeal to publishers and readers. Months and months back a writing acquaintance, David B. Harrington, told me about a submission call. This one had quite a title: My Wandering Uterus. The desired stories were true travel pieces by women about their experiences “wandering”.


It seemed a perfect fit being that I had worked on a writing competition that had already chosen “wandering” as a theme. Unfortunately that competition didn’t do as well as hoped, BUT this new endeavor did.


My story, “Freedom of Voice,” has been selected to be published in the anthology and I’m excited to share it with everyone.


We don’t have a solid release date yet, but I’ll post it as soon as I know. “Freedom of Voice,” basically details how I fell into the writing world. It’s a bit of a mother’s perspective because, as always, my children inspire my creativity more than anything else ever could.


I never wish to be defined by my uterus or how I look, but being a woman is part of who I am. If this story adds something positive to someone’s day I am honored to share it.


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