Exploring My Wandering Uterus

Tahni J. Nikitins

Off and on since I returned from my nine-month stay in Sweden, I’ve been working on writing about pilgrimage. By its nature, writing about pilgrimage is writing about the spiritual — there is no way to get around that, and yet the idea of pilgrimage as related to pagan practice seems relatively…ignored, to put it bluntly. I wrote often about some of the experiences I had while traveling, including  a reflection on the similiarities between a pagan goddess and the Virgin Mary and the experience of attending mass in Sweden, but these only scrape the surface of my experiences in the course of pilgrimage. Because Sweden itself was a pilgrimage for me, and because another, smaller pilgrimage took place during that stay, not to mention because I am a writer and identify deeply with my spiritual practice, it seemed obvious that I would eventually write about those and experiences…

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