Smallish Successes

Being an author has taught me a lot about research, how to dig and find hidden gems. When my daughter expressed her wish to publish some of her writing, I was excited but also worried about her receiving a rejection too young. She is now a published 8 year old and continues asking me where else she can submit her work.


One of the first magazines I found last fall when she started this quest was, “New Moon Girls.” I loved their content and their presentation. In digging deeper I ran across their “Beautiful Girl Series.”


This is a feature where they include stories about real girls who exude beauty through their actions and interests. They are known as beautiful inside and out. I nominated my daughter and not long after I was notified that she would be featured in the May/June 2018 issue.


The issue was just released and I’d like to invite you all to check out every one of the beautiful girls in this issue. The variety and grace exuded by these young ladies makes me proud for the future.

You can also purchase hard copies:

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