All the Quoties

We’re 4 weeks away from the coolest collection of stories I’ve ever been in!

happy dance

I’m star struck by the talent my work will to be featured with. To prove my worth, check out these quotes from my bad-ass Annie Oakley wendigo story,  Scent of Flesh:

annie oakley 2

– “Annie refused to believe in nightmares. Anything she feared at night, she knew she could kill once awake.”

– “It never settled her stomach to leave any kill behind.”

– “I will always look for what my eyes cain’t see.”

-“Nothing like gunpowder to get a girl going.”

annie oakley

– “After spending years in an asylum, admitting what she knew out loud seemed terrifying and dangerous.”

– “What was once empty now erupted with life and wonder.”

– “The thrill of the show had kept Annie going, but her hands ached to clasp her gun and once again meet the hunt of the Wendigo. “

– “If I wanted to shoot someone’s face, they’d know it.”

annie oakley 3

– “I hoped for one of my people to do this. But maybe if you can, it will bond you to the land and you’ll be able to rid the white man of his crimes.”

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