Time for a Break

It’s Decembuary!

december 3

Peppermint breezes tickle your cheeks. Snow flurries remind us that nature still holds magick. And I snuggle up in sweaters with hot drinks and…REFUSE TO WRITE.

Yep. Everyone in the publishing industry takes breaks this time of year. We slow down. Relax. It’s time to enjoy the last few days of the year and maybe enjoy family adventures to refuel the creative juices.

Taking time to step back helps keep you going. I learned this a long time ago. Instead of rushing ahead, like some kind of asshole, I know my work comes out best when I don’t burn myself out.

december 2

It’s much needed. I worked very hard this year. Some of that effort paid off, some of it had me burning bridges due to unprofessional behavior toward me.

The ups and downs have swung at wide angles, but here we are. I love this time of year. I get to be a kid. We all need to remember who we were when we were little. Run around. Eat too much sugar (unless you’re diabetic, of course). Dance before flames and chant for good health.

I spent a lot of time doing my best to wrap up lose ends before Dec 1st. Unfortunately I hit a snag with someone who made things as difficult as possible. Today that speed bump is behind me and I’ve already got a ton of new story ideas.

december 4.gif

They’ll keep fresh. They’re always best when written after a hiatus. Jan 1st holds a world of possibilities. I hope everyone gets some time off.

Slide across polished floors in socks. Sing songs you hate as loud as you can. Have fun.

I’ll post a little but Jan 1st the writing will really be back.

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