“By the Stars” is back!


I love the indie world.

Creative freedom is a huge deal to me, but so is longevity. It can be a struggle at times, finding the level of professionalism and care you need to reach your readers the way you need to.


When my space opera novella trilogy (say that 3 times fast) went out-of-print due to its publisher closing down I stepped back from the project. Sometimes you just have to give it a moment to figure out where you’re going to take yourself and your art next.

After some other successful stories, I was ready to go through the 1st installment, “By the Stars,” and do another edit to make her really shine. One of my favorite indie magazines-Bards and Sages-was running their annual story competition and it was just short enough to be entered.


I won 3rd place and now that story is back out there in an anthology featuring the winners and other talented pieces.

There is always hope to revive the 2nd and 3rd stories in the series and to potentially re-release the entire trilogy in one volume, but for now I am so happy to share this baby once again.


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