Garden Magic

It’s the perfect time of year to grow something. My green thumb is usually grey at best, but I’ve been working on it through the years.

I can’t keep houseplants alive for anything but I think that’s because of my outdoorsy nature. My veggie garden is popping, my gladiolas are blooming, and the trees surrounding my house are always happy.

I planted some berry bushes on my property and though it’s been an up and down learning experience, I was happy to add a little extra energy to the process for my first real piece with Witch Way Magazine where I’m now a columnist.

Fate had been pushing me to test out some sigil magic for a while so I did some research and got to it. The outcome is still yet to be fully determined, but the soil is happy and the roots have taken hold, (For the bushes that my dog didn’t eat) so if you’re curious about it check out this month’s issue and see were it leads you.

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