All Things Weird & Strange (Cover Reveal)

One really good thing came out of fighting covid back in March before everyone really knew what to expect: I gave in to my fears and wrote one hell of a story.

I am a classically trained singer. There was a time when I was pursuing it and had a few breaks, but even now that I’m not looking to earn my way with my music, the thought of going deaf terrifies me. When my husband and I got covid we worried mostly about the kids and exercising a strict quarantine.

The children were barely ill. My husband (who vapes) had the worst cough. Since I had been sick as a child and once very ill with pneumonia, I wasn’t scared for my lungs, but one of my major symptoms was pressure on the ears.

They kept popping and clicking, and at times I might as well have been underwater. Sure I love swimming, but it started to get to me after a week.

It took 2 weeks to recover and a full month before my ears started feeling normal. During the second week of full quarantine I wrote a story inspired by this experience. It is about a singer who gains certain abilities and that’s all I’m revealing right now.

This tale will be released in the upcoming anthology, “All Things Weird & Strange,” on May 4th 2021 and I’m so happy to reveal the cover!

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