A plan to “dim the sun”

“What motivates you?” –This was a key question at my job interview just over 5 years ago. The interview that landed me a full-time writing position.

My answer: The sun.

I laughed, they laughed, and I elaborated: I like to wake up early and get things done. I love being outside and using the sun’s energy to create and find new ideas.

I landed the job.

My lunchbreaks are usually spent outside. Early morning walks/meditations are regular practices. I am an outdoor kid. Playing in the sunshine no matter if it’s snowing or the heat of summer is what I do, I’m out there soaking up the rays, and despite modern concerns I am healthier than most of my peers.

The sun is also a spiritual symbol for us Pagans. It represents the masculine aspects of magic and nature. It offers encouragement and drives hard work. It shines on us when we need it the most.

So of course, when I hear of scientific experiments to DIM THE SUN, I take extra concern. It sounds ridiculous and unrealistic. Who in their right mind would work to dim the sun? Maybe evil comic book villains, or… billionaires with their heads so far up their asses that they think playing God might be fun.

Yep. The latter has become a reality.

That “wonderful,” “loveable,” “benevolent,” son-of-a-bitch Bill Gates is at it again. What a kooky character. Apparently, climate change is soooooo bad that he (a non-scientist) has been working to find scientists to test this experiment for years and Harvard has finally given him the okay.

You know, for our safety. We must change the climate to save us from climate change. I’m sure that will work out great!

Remember SnowPiercer? I guess old Billy watched that and thought it looked like fun.

It’s not like the slightest variation in sun exposure causes all life to change: trees, wildlife; humans. #SarcasmLevelABillion

For years people mocked the chem trail conspiracy theorists. Sure this is different, but way worse. Coming in 2021, open-air research will take place over Sweden. Yes folks, for free! Bill Gates is funding a team of Harvard scientists to shoot reflective particles into the atmosphere to dim the sun on our planet. How great…

It’s not like we need natural vitamin D anyway. Just drink the synthetic version in your government approved bacteria-free pasteurized milk like a good little monkey.

Who cares that scoliosis, osteoporosis, asthma, inflammation, cholesterol, allergies, viruses, depression, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis are all combated/lessened/sometimes-prevented by healthy doses of vitamin D (which is free if you go outside, but I’m sure the price of the tablets won’t skyrocket or anything if this goes global)?

All conspiracies have some grain of truth, I’ve learned. Lately I’d rather support the theorists than the politically funded “scientists” working to approve the “safeties” they deem necessary.

We cannot live without the sun.

Our personal power and spiritual connections are linked to the cosmos, and especially, the sun. To deny us that light is not only detrimental to our physical and mental health but also our greater being.

Every bone in my body opposes this experiment. Nothing good can come of it. But for now I advise you all to buy UV light bulbs, just in case this goes horribly wrong.


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