Self-Love is as important as any form of love, if not more

The February issue of Witch Way Magazine is out for your reading wonder. I love this month and I love this issue. It’s all about love!

As a witchy woman I am 100% against “love spells” and “love potions” that are supposed to force connections that will not last because they’re not organic, but there are many great meditations and exercises to help a person strengthen their bonds with others, and especially, themselves!

I’m a fan of Ru Paul’s ever true statement:

So, for my article in this issue, I laid out some nice rituals for self-love. (Insert masturbation joke here haha) No, seriously though, sometimes we need to reflect within and pamper ourselves to be able to work on our relationships with others.

So whether you’re with someone, into someone, enjoying your freedom, or feeling alone, I hope it gives you more love.

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