How we do things in a “Neanderthal” state

I don’t do the mask thing. I’ve written about it a lot. I’ve done tons more research than the average Joe and know that Dr. Faci is making bank off of preying on fear.

But we’ve all heard the arguments. If you’re into the mask thing you may think I’m selfish, spoiled, uneducated, diseased, dangerous, and the list goes on. But in honesty, I’m just as concerned as everyone else. I want everyone to respect one another no matter where their politics fall. That’s what my latest piece is about.

I already had a blog post scheduled for today so you get a double-whammy. The more I write and research, the more I find that the news outlets willing to post my point of view are more conservative. Not because I am some “crazy alt-right winger” but because the mainstream media has gone so far left, they’re circling around. They no longer consider debate healthy, our bodies our own, or mental health an issue that needs to be taken into consideration when evaluating overall health (unless it’s in regards to gun control). They also produce propagandic pieces which either twist facts or are really opinion pieces in disguise.

I won’t lie, my article is an opinion piece, but it is a point-of-view that is being villainized, trashed, and censored everywhere on the main stage.

If you don’t read it, for whatever reasons, here are the most defining lines: We must have a respectful debate. We must be allowed to research information for ourselves. Above all, we must treat each other as we wish to be treated, no matter how much hostility is out there.

Or you can click the link and take a peek:

2 thoughts on “How we do things in a “Neanderthal” state

  1. Content Catnip says:

    I definitely agree that it’s important to allow people the freedom to research and come to their own conclusions on things like this, so good on you for having the courage to go against the grain. It is far too easy to control people when they are scared, and that can be dangerous.

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