The Push To “Raise Boys Right” Implies That Men Need To Be Fixed

My eldest daughter was featured as a “Beautiful Girl,” in New Moon Girls Magazine in 2018. Her younger sister will be featured this year. It’s an exciting confidence booster that focuses on inner beauty more than outer.

I’ll probably nominate my nieces as they get older, and every girl I know because it’s such a great confidence booster and the publication is very professional and encouraging. But while we were celebrating the news for this year, my eldest stopped and asked, “Why isn’t there something like this for boys?”

She’s concerned about her little brothers and her male friends feeling good about themselves too. She’s 11 and has hit an age where she sees the disparity between media portrayals of men and women.

Contrary to progressive beliefs, she easily recognized that girls are being praised for anything they do (no matter how selfish or destructive it is), while boys are villainized for just being male. A lot of women who believe in true egalitarianism witness this. Especially mothers with sons.

The feminist movement has been hijacked by extremists who want women to be worshiped and men to bow down to them. It’s going from one extreme to another and I’m not okay with that.

We need balance. We need to love masculinity and femininity and everything in between. We need to stop projecting our own insecurities on others and realize that everyone deserves to be valued for who they are, not how they are born or identify.

As I always say: If your gender is the only interesting thing about you, you need to get a personality.

But if you’re cool with everyone being themselves, read my latest piece for Evie Magazine:

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3 thoughts on “The Push To “Raise Boys Right” Implies That Men Need To Be Fixed

  1. markbierman says:

    Thank you so much, Jessica, for speaking out about an issue that is frustrating so many men. Why can we not just be equal, instead of one (gender, race, religion, etc.) trying to dominate? Thanks again.

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