All American Adults Now Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine; Many Still Skeptical (Including Me)

I’m all for people doing whatever they feel is best. But the second someone tries to demean, dehumanize, or coerce me into injecting a rushed mRNA vaccine into my body I think of all those pro-abortionists screaming “My body, my choice!”

When H1N1 hit during the Obama administration they tried all the tricks that have been pulled for covid. The fear tactics, the pressure to “wear a mask,” take an experimental vaccine, yet no one bought it.

Well, unfortunately some poor fools did, and the rushed H1N1 vaccine caused permanent brain damage. Of course no one talks about THAT anymore because everyone wants to be a “hero” for working a mundane job in the food industry and wearing a “face covering” like a good little trained poodle wearing their shiny new collar.

As stated in my article: America has never reached the predicted COVID death numbers, and the CDC has admitted that COVID-19 isn’t as deadly or contagious as previously thought.

But how many news outlets reported this information? How many people have the time to research for themselves, or know a nurse working in the Covid unit? I’m lucky I guess. I have all 3 influencing me. My aunt works in the covid unit and she calls BS on all the propaganda. She was the one who urged us all to get together for the holidays and not 1 person got sick. If anything, we’re healthier than all the people living in fear of a virus with an average age of death that is higher than human life expectancy. See, I love research. I love credible sources, and I love reporting the truth.

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