People are Testing Positive for COVID-19 AFTER Getting the Vaccine

So, if the vaccine isn’t protecting everyone, and we all still have to “mask up” and social distance and all the usual propaganda, then what is the point of “rolling up our sleeves?”

Theatre? Virtue signalling? Projection of one’s fears on others?

I’m not “vaccine hesitant,” I’m straight up against this experimental vaccine. Especially knowing how many times the CDC, Dr. Fauci, and our elected officials have twisted information to manipulate us through fear.

I back it all up here:

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7 thoughts on “People are Testing Positive for COVID-19 AFTER Getting the Vaccine

  1. Trev Jones says:

    Having the vaccine doesn’t stop you getting Covid. The same as the flu jab doesn’t stop you getting flu. It’s designed to protect you from the serious effects of Covid and help your immune system fight the virus.

    1. JessicaMarieBaumgartner says:

      I am always prepared to die. I’ve been near death before and instead of imposing fear on others, I prefer to LIVE. That’s not luck, it’s a choice to accept and appreciate the human mortality our culture hides from.

      1. Trev Jones says:

        Who is imposing fear? I prefer to live and if the vaccine helps me, then I have it. The same with smallpox, TB and many other infections, a vaccine eradicated them, it had nothing to do with fear.

      2. JessicaMarieBaumgartner says:

        I totally respect your right to take the vaccine. What I’ve experienced (at least in my area) is a lot of misinformation being pushed to pressure people to take the vaccine even if they’re apprehensive due to the fact that it’s still new. The smallpox vaccine has been out for decades, same with TB. But the newer vaccines haven’t been around long enough to know the full long-term effects. And knowing that covid isn’t deadly or harmful for 99.97% of the population leads me to question a lot of the protocols out there. My aunt works in the covid unit and she has a lot of information that tells us this is more political than medical. But again, that’s my take. The vaccine isn’t necessary for me. If you feel that it’s necessary for you I’m totally down with that and I wish you well 🙂

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