Homeowners in Missouri are Selling Fast, Reflecting US Market Trends


The sensationalist corporate media wants us to fear everything. Hell, even breathing haha

That is why I’ve veered toward traditional journalism. I love interviewing real people, experiencing real trends and/or issues that a lot of us can relate to. Sure I’ll take on the occasional high-profile story, but I like reminding everyone that life isn’t as terrible as everyone is being told. haha

The housing market is “hot” right now. If you plan to downsize, selling is a great idea. Selling a large property for a smaller home can offer more financial benefits. That being said (and I’m not an expert so don’t let me sway you), buying is insane. Bidding wars are common and properties are being sold within 4 days of being put on the market. Just be smart with your finances…

This particular interview has led me to reach out to some homesteaders for a piece. Here’s hoping someone has time to speak to me. I love the idea of homesteading.

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