Missouri Creates Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program to Offer School Choice


I have a new charity to donate to! haha

I’ve never understood why those who claim to be politically for equality are quite often against school choice. The argument that school districts in poorer areas will suffer more if students are allowed to attend classes elsewhere overlooks the fact that students attending unaccredited school districts are forced to receive a subpar education which stunts their progress and condemns them to fall behind for the rest of their lives.

I lived in the Normandy School District area in St. Louis when my daughters were young. They lost their accreditation right after my second child was born. It was because of this that I began to truly consider homeschooling as a viable option.

After a lot of research and preparation, I started homeschooling my eldest. From pre-school to now 7th grade, none of my children have even been enrolled in public education because the system broke my trust with how it handles mismanagement and corruption within districts. But I often thought about the families who didn’t have the means to homeschool.

Thankfully enough parents pushed back that students who worked hard to keep up their grades and attendance were allowed to transfer to accredited schools. But what about the other kids? The ones who had already fallen in the cracks. Children with hard home lives or whose parents didn’t have the means to drive them back and forth?

School choice always seemed like the best solution. Now it is becoming a reality and I truly hope that it helps to improve the education system. Education shouldn’t be a factorized system. It needs to get back to it’s ground roots where the teachers and students drive the lessons based on their specific localized needs.

This is beginning in Missouri, and we’ll see how it grows: https://www.theepochtimes.com/missouri-creates-empowerment-scholarship-accounts-program-to-offer-school-choice_3901947.html

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