200 Pieces Published!

Yesterday I got to enjoy getting closer to 40. It’s not easy sharing a birthday with Barack Obama, The Queen Mother, AND Louie Armstrong, but I’m working on living up to the day.

AND something else happened yesterday. Something I never expected.

My 200th piece of writing was published!!!

It would be more impressive if I’d written 200 books, but for now I can sit back and focus on the fact that I have had 200 articles, essays, stories, and books professionally published by legit companies.

(And no I’m not counting blog posts haha)

I keep a meticulous record of my work, pay, and all of that stuff. There are spreadsheets and credits galore. It’s annoying but it also helps me see all I’ve accomplished on days when I feel that I am a lesser being who doesn’t deserve any of what I have.

200 is a pretty number, and she doesn’t look a day over 38 haha

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