Missouri Parents Censored Online for Opposing Mask Mandates in School


When we only allow part of the story to be known, we’re lying to ourselves and everyone else. I know more people who have experienced serious bacterial infections related to mask wearing than got seriously ill or died of COVID. But regardless, whether you agree or disagree with masking, censoring individuals does nothing for the whole conversation. It controls the narrative and deters freedom of thought, critical thinking, and freedom of expression.

One of my editors and I struggled through this article, but he also sent me this:

I ran track a bit in high school. It was hard enough to breathe through sprints WITHOUT wearing a mask.

How anyone considered this a good idea is beyond me. It’s child abuse and I hope parents wise up and start suing schools with these invasive, destructive policies for a virus that has proven to be little more than a bad cold.

Read on about the censoring of parents who oppose masks:


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