Swimming to Relax


It’s August and the water feels great!

I’m a summer baby and I love to swim. There’s nothing like floating in a natural body of water, and it’s not just all fun and games, there are a lot of health benefits to swimming.

Besides being easier on joints and muscles, swimming offers a calming energy. I love to sink underwater and drown out all the excess noise that follows us through life. There’s a lot to be said for just being in your own head undisturbed.

That’s why I wrote my latest meditation article. Sure, it’s nice to sit and just clear your mind, but there is something very special about floating and cleansing that inner power that guides us.

So check out the latest issue of Witch Way Magazine and read my Swimming Meditations to Relax. Or just get in the water and experiment for yourself. Every season has its turn, and I love them all. But summer hosts so many possibilities, especially when you dive into a pool of water.


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