Homeschool Moms Deserve The Same Respect As Teachers

Learning is a life-long process. The public education’s one-size-fits-all lesson plans didn’t do me any favors. It works for some kids. My sister did well in school because she was better at sitting still and doing as she was told. I needed more activity, physical action and a better understanding of why certain rules existed.

Teachers have one of the hardest jobs on the planet, but with corrupt teacher’s unions influencing political policies and CDC guidelines (last time I checked, teachers are not doctors), a lot of parents have lost trust in public education.

I started homeschooling years ago. It was the only option for giving my young daughters a good education. People criticized me. No one questioned my ability to teach or obtaining resources, the only concerns were for my children’s socialization. Apparent kids can only be socialized in factorized learning institutes, according to some people.

Thankfully I trusted my gut, and we were well ahead of the curve during last year’s insanity. My kids already knew how to socialize with neighbors, at the park, and through sports/arts programs.

It’s not easy, but homeschooling is a great option for those who can do it. Since it’s on the rise, I decided to write a bit on the subject.

5 thoughts on “Homeschool Moms Deserve The Same Respect As Teachers

      1. Americaoncoffee says:

        Good for you. I know if many grade school teachers who are isolated from their students, tested every week for COVID, and those who become infected, their teaching status becomes more devastating. Homeschooling is ideal always and with the current pandemic impact. Thank you for bringing the matter to the fore.

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