Why Small Weddings Are Making A Big Impression


The hubsy and I will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary next month. So much has happened since that magical day where my eldest was my maid of honor, my (then) youngest was our leaf-girl (she dropped leaves instead of flower petals), and my sister photographed the event before our closest family members.

It was a dream. I wore a $100 pink dress that seemed like it was designed just for me (and showed up in an episode of Fuller-House later) and had my brother in-law (who is a brother to me, in-law or no in-law) walk me down the aisle.

I’m not a very sentimental person. I don’t keep baby shoes and veils. I like a few pictures on the wall here and there, but this event makes me all squishy inside haha

Having a small wedding wasn’t based on any 1 factor. My husband isn’t into crowds, and I’ve had enough of the spotlight when I was a singer. Big events always seem to fall short of expectations and we wanted something elegant but simple and fun.

It was exactly what we wished for. So if anyone is wondering why more couples are opting for small weddings, or contemplating having one themselves, here’s everything about them from my biased small-wedding-loving perspective heehee


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