Kindle Unlimited!

Guess what you can read for FREE?!


No I don’t have free pizza, you can’t read pizza…well I’m sure someone out there has tried..but no.

It’s my new children’s book!


I love the concept of Kindle Unlimited. My favorite way to get a feel for what books I do and don’t love is to test them out on my kindle. This gives me a pretty simple ratings system. I always buy physical copies of the the ones I LOVE. Books that are good, but just don’t spark that insistent urge to read over and over and over again, get to live on the kindle.

My kindle is a nice house for a broad crop of stories. I have classic English lit, children’s, sci-fi, fantasy, erotica, and more all in one place. (Terrifying and enjoyable all at once!) And then the books that I don’t care for get deleted from the kindle F-O-R-E-V-E-R.


Different stories leave different impressions. It’s why I love to keep my wordy diet diverse. This system leaves me hungry for more while also filling every craving. heehee

So I’m very pleased that my new children’s book, The Golden Rule, is available through Kindle Unlimited. I want everyone to read it and share it! It’s not an epic fantasy tale, or some quirky non-fiction memoir, it is merely the story of a girl who learns about how different cultures and faiths look at and practice “golden rule” philosophies.


I’ve been repeatedly told that it’s a very much needed, poignant book right now. It’s difficult to know how my work measures up, but feedback is my favorite way to gauge if I’ve hit the right note.

The continuous praise for this little piece of writing is a dream come true! Even a month after the release, it’s holding steady in sales and on its way as a contender to win some awards. (Fingers and eyes and toes crossed haha)


Kindle Unlimited gives readers the opportunity to test it out if they’re unsure or don’t have the extra moolah to pay the hardcover price. I am all for that. Despite the satisfaction of a larger royalty check, I’d rather reach out to more people than make bank right away. My children’s books are all about promoting a love of words and the world around our young ones.

Most every children’s story I write is a story I made up at the dinner table for my kids, or while taking them for a walk around the neighborhood. I refuse to write some stories down, but the ones that do get captured on paper are the gems.


So if you’re a fan of Kindle Unlimited, check out, The Golden Rule. Maybe drop a review or send me a message. Writing isn’t a solitary craft for me, it’s all about connecting with others.

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