Every career has drawbacks, and everyone will hit a few walls. Some of my current projects are flourishing, while others are stuck. Despite the news that one of my current publishers, European Geeks, is closing, I’m finding more and more avenues opening up.

But sometimes when 1 door opens another door closes. I had recently signed a contract to have the first book of my new series published, this endeavor is not working out and the project has been released. It’s the writing life.

Thankfully I have a slew of good news to always outweigh the bad, which will be posted as soon as I am given the okay.

I appreciate everyone’s support, and refuse to let anything stop me from connecting with you through the written word.

One thought on “Setbacks

  1. theresa holm says:

    experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. that always been my motto. love your positive outlook. trying to do the same in our faith keeps me going in the rough waters of life.

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