Writer…rock star…you tell me

Hitting the road is my favorite part of what I do. Reaching out to others and doing events in my hometown is a close second, and I of course love writing (when the stories flow properly), but there will always be bumps in the road.

speed bumps

Royalties and editing gigs often give me a good funding boost. Working everything around a busy schedule with 2 kids, family events, and actual WRITING TIME can be a humongous pain in the tuchus. It’s all part of bringing everything together with the cycle of create-publish-promote.

My goal is to travel further each year. With every new book I gain more readers and support to keep doing what I do, and hopefully getting better at it. haha


Having the ability to hit Kansas City and Chicago last year made me hungry for more. I’m going back in September this year and added a stop in Kentucky as well. I had originally hoped to hit Indianapolis and attack everyone at InConJunction, but unfortunately the dates, times, and cost of everything just don’t fit with the plan, so that leg had to be cancelled.


I’m always ready to take on new places and jump into a world of fresh readers. Balancing my desire to go everywhere and do everything is always fun when having to live in reality.


The plan is to actually get my act together and sign some books at InConJunction next year as well as joining the fun at the Madison Pagan Pride festival in Wisconsin. I’ll always play around in my hometown too. So if I’m not able to come to you and you’re in the mood, head over and visit me in he LOU. heehee

2 thoughts on “Writer…rock star…you tell me

  1. theresa holm says:

    nice. just getting across the river to enjoy the sights is a miracle for us. one of the things i miss is traveling since moving from San Francisco to St. Louis. love hearing about your travels. hope to see you at the writers guild conference this summer. If not, then we can come to see you in November on one of your booking dates.

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