The Hallmark Channel Is Super Mom-Friendly And We Love It

I must confess, the idea of hallmark movies used to make me roll my eyes. They seemed way too cheesy. But as I get older I find that the value of cheese has gone up.

The entertainment industry has changed very quickly in a short period. At the risk of sounding like an old lady (hell, my grandma was an old lady and she was ADORABLE), vulgarity has become the norm. A lot of production companies are more focused on shocking people to stay relevant than offering art.

It’s why I usually stick to the indies. And Hallmark is operating on it’s own values with that independent spirit.

Instead of selling sex and prostituting storylines with shock, Hallmark offers their fan base family-friendly content. Their shows and movies remind me of the sit-coms I used to watch with my parents. They are reminiscent of the Friday night line-ups that made everyone laugh–from babies to the elderly.

They are universal. They are heartfelt. But most importantly they are also made with love. (It’s the secret ingredient of all the best things, ya know)

The cast and crew that work on each production are treated with dignity and respect. Mothers are allowed to bring babies to work and spend extra time with their family. I haven’t heard anyone in Hollywood describe that kind of atmosphere.

It’s the reason why actresses who work in Hallmark movies keep returning for more roles, and it’s also a special element that grows the fan base.

I once worked in a Hallmark store and it was such a joy. Working there was like stepping into Plesantville. Everyone was so friendly and polite. Now I get to enjoy that same kindness and share it with my children when we watch Hallmark entertainment.

Read on if you want to learn about Hallmark’s atmosphere from the actresses who love working for them:

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