The White House Is Aiming Covid-19 Vaccine Coercion At Children

-If you believe everything the magical TV box tells you, you’ll probably run out and get your kid a COVID jab.

-If you trust the stuffed-shirt overpaid politicians ruining our country, you’ll probably get your kid the shot.

-If you don’t question the public education system and its degradation, you’ll probably let the school nurse stick your kid.

I don’t care what you do with yourself, and I can’t control what other people do with their kids, but if you try to mandate, legislate, force, or coerce my children into taking an experimental rushed vaccine that hasn’t even finished clinical trials and has already produced mountains of severe life altering side-effects (for a virus that barely even shows symptoms in children if ever), then you are my enemy.

The Nuremberg code outlaws any medical treatment from being performed without the full 100% consent of the individual or their guardian. Why, because governments (including ours) have experimented on their populations before without disclosing all the information and history is repeating itself.

I have interviewed plenty of doctors and nurses who offered information proving that the public is being lied to. Clinical trials span between 5-10 years for a reason. Because it takes on average at least 4.5 years to discover side-effects caused by drugs. Long-term side-effects take longer.

Our government once deemed smoking safe for pregnant women. DDT healthy, asbestos safe, and so many more.

They keep approving potent opioids during an opioid crisis?

Why? Follow the money.

Science is driven by people who hold biases and can be corrupted with bribery and influence. So no, don’t “follow the science.”

I am 1 of those parents. Thankfully my daughter recovered and I am not against all vaccines. I just believe that not all vaccines are created equal and doctors say things are “safe” when it suits their interests.

-If doing my own research and being cautious makes me a conspiracy theorist, I guess I am.

-If being a concerned parent makes me a domestic terrorist, I guess I am.

-If mistrusting a government and it’s lackey media (that is constantly caught lying to the public) makes me a person of interest, then I guess I am.

-I am also a law-abiding American citizen and my constitutional rights protect me from everything sinister that is brewing right now. So are my children and their rights are non-negotiable.

Read on to know exactly why this should matter to every parent:

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