Nearly 6 months later & The Magic of Nature is still topping charts!

I am astounded. I love writing and working to perfect my craft. I know I really put my best work into The Magic of Nature. That’s why it got picked up by Llewellyn Worldwide.

But we’re creeping up on 6 months after the release date and my book is still in the top 100 in it’s genre on amazon. I was just checking things today and it’s sitting at #69. (The teenage gutter mind in me is snickering at that haha)

The most common thing I’ve been told by readers thus far is that they were so surprised at how my book has a lot of survivalist information. I was on the Desperate witches Podcast last Saturday, and Raina Starr expressed how useful it is for her, but it was so unexpected.

Picking a title for a book is hard. I had plenty of ideas and so did Llewellyn. I love the finished product, but I do kind of wish it offered a little more insight into what I was working toward.

This book isn’t your typical hippy-dippy spiritual text. Sure I love nature and spirituality, but this work is all about getting back to our natural inclinations and remembering our instincts so we can find a better way to balance technological advances with our primal needs.

No matter what you find within the pages, I hope you find some useful tips or ideas that can help you in your daily life. There is so much to love about our greater purpose, our existence. But now I’m getting all poetic, so let me just leave it at that before I get too philosophical haha

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