‘The Lord Of The Rings’ Already Has Bad*ss Female Characters


My tolerance for rehashes and cash grab remakes is as low as my tolerance for poorly-contrived internet poetry. (Pretty low) So I’m gonna say straight off the bat, that NO! I will not be watching the new LOTR show on Amazon.

Peter Jackson gave us what we wanted. Sure I missed Tom Bombadil, but he did the series justice.

Unfortuantely, lately, too many classics and childhood favorites have been destroyed by regurgitation and honestly, there are so many great indie concepts that deserve my time. I just don’t have it in me to support corporate stuffed shit big tech productions that were already done to perfection.

Putting that aside, I’m a girl who LOVES Tolkien. I don’t need more “strong female characters” in his works because I understand that

  1. LOTR was written by a man
  2. The themes do not require many female leads
  3. Quality over quantity is best for most stories
  4. Not everything has to represent everyone and their mother

There. Now that that’s off my chest, and if you’re not annoyed or think I’m “rude” –whatever– (opinions people, we all have them) you can read on to learn why the 3 female leads originally portrayed in the LOTR are badass, strong, and female without needing the labels of “brave and stunning” or “strong female lead” because they are wholly developed and earned their place among the most beloved characters in literature.


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